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Are you up to the challenge of reducing your energy use?  Of course you are, so start making a difference now by joining the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge today! This program, created by the Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA), challenges companies, businesses and government agencies to work towards 10 percent energy efficiency improvement annually in their buildings over a three-yar period.

Companies and businesses are encouraged to participate in this free challenge by registering online and making the commitment to become more energy efficient. Kilowatt Crackdown participants are granted access to helpful resources like ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager site and numerous energy-related educational sessions, workshops and tours.

Let the energy being used at work be that of motivation and creativity not kilowatts as you join in and rise to the challenge of reducing Central Florida’s energy use. We challenge you to make a difference. Others are and so can you!

IT’S TIME! You’ve Done the Work – Now Get the Award

Register today to be eligible for the 2011 CFEEA Community Awards. Click here to download the application.